About us

Affordable Rentals

Happy Bouncers Party Rentals is a sole owner operated dedicated to the the rental of party equipment that was established in 2008. Everything startedĀ  as a weekend gig and has evolve over the years into a full time business operation with dedication and hard work.

The concept was started with the idea of buying two bounce houses to gain extra income during the weekends. To our surprise, the response was positive and we were renting them every single weekend. In fact, we began to book so fast and so in advanced we had to turn down some people because we only had 2 units. With that been said, the following year we acquired two more bounce houses. Shortly after we added tables, chairs, tents and power generators to makeĀ  a one-stop shop for all your party needs. We continue to grow each year adding more modern and fun equipment. Our flexible time frames and excellent customer service has made us the Chicago suburbs favorite party rental company.

Our happy customers relay on our rental services each year because they know the kind of service we offer. Not only is it affordable but also we take safety and cleanliness very serious. We are looking forward to keep improving the rental service we offer and accommodating to our clients needs.

Why people choose to rent from us?

  • Clean equipment

  • On time delivery

  • Large selection of equipment

  • Quality customer service